Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small bits of data stored by your browser and without them, the internet would be a very frustrating place!
Cookies help your browser remember some settings to make your viewing experience a much more pleasant experience, for example:
When you choose the volume on a media player, cookies might help remember that volume choice on your next visit or lets say you like a dark theme a website offers, cookies would help remember that choice so you dont have to turn it on again every page you visit!
You can learn more about cookies and the cookie law HERE

What Cookies do you use?

Ironically, we don't use any cookies except for the cookie that remembers that you accept cookies should you choose to accept cookies!
For the reasons you are most likely familiar with at this stage, we must inform visitors that we may use cookies and, other than the ironic one mentioned above, we actually dont!
We do however use some third party applications such as our live chat. This application may use cookies and you can read about Zendesk Cookies

What is our cookie policy?

We do use a single cookie to remember that you accept that we might use cookies!! We do this so that you do not have to see our cookie warning every time you visit us!
By closing our cookie notice or continuing to browse our website, submitting contact forms or clicking or scrolling anywhere on our website you agree to accept that we may use cookies.
We NEVER store any personal information about you. We are not interested in marketing to people who don't wish us to. We will never ever share any information with anyone about you.
That one cookie we store (should you accept cookies) is stored for 365 days, its name is "cookie-concent" and its alue is TRUE

How do I opt out of cookies?

To opt out of cookies simply navigate away from our website. No cookies will be stored

How do I delete cookies?

Many browsers have great extensions that let you manage cookies. One great one for example on Chrome browser is Cookie-Editor
You may want to search on your search engine of choice for an extension for your browser of choice.
You may also CLICK HERE to delete all cookies from this website!